side hustles are not worth your time

side hustles are not worth your time

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‘Side hustles are not worth your time’, this is something that I hear a lot. There are a lot of judgments out there about doing any sort of work or passion next to your day-to-day job.
Most people don’t see the benefit of it and think it is a waste of their time and money.
I have a few side hustles and I’d like to share my experiences with them.


A Side Hustle

First to start with what is a side hustle? A side hustle, also called ‘side job’, is an additional job that a person has next to their primary job in order to supplement their income. This could be a blog, babysitting, a photography business or multimedia marketing. It has become popular because it gives you flexibility, extra income and very often you are able to do this from the comfort of your home.


My experiences

I have had a few side hustles. The reason for having them was as an add on to my income, but mainly as something extra to do. All the side hustles that I have done were always about sharing and caring for others. Not all of these were a success and I let go of some, because they didn’t feel right for me and I couldn’t keep working on them.

This is very important to remember. There are a lot of people who lose sight of why they wanted to have a side hustle and get very drawn to the money aspect of it. In this scenario it can happen that they provide false information to their outside world, just to make money with what they are doing.

I have always concentrated on staying true to who I am with what I do. And that’s why in the past I have also stepped away from businesses as they didn’t feel right to me. Keep this in mind when starting your own side hustle, but also when watching other people, especially on social media. Is it coming from their passion or their money obsession?


Side hustles are not worth your time

Or is it? The answer to if a side hustle works is simple. It depends. It depends on you. You can’t expect for your side hustle to work for you, you have to do the work. If you want to earn some money taking photos, you have to invest by doing some free shoots to build up your portfolio before being able to charge. Once your portfolio is build, you can move forward to paid jobs and grow.
If you want to earn money with multimedia marketing, which is what I currently do, you have to invest your time, money and knowledge into these products and very critically ask yourself – do I use them? do I like them? would I want my family and friends to use them? Staying true to your own experiences and sharing these will mean earning money is a side effect of you helping your friends and family to live a better life for example.

Yes, it does work. When you but in the work, are honest and share your experience, a side hustle will work.


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