the story behind this blog

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The story behind this blog.

It has been proven that starting a new resolution at the start of a new year is more likely to fail than starting a new resolution at any other time a year. And this has totally proven to be true in my case.

Making time

To be honest, I know there are all these beautiful and inspiring sayings about ‘making time’, but unfortunately I have not had the time to properly sit down and talk to you.
This was also on purpose. I needed my headspace for other things, such as settling back into normal routine after spending the holidays in The Netherlands. This was a very emotional time as I hadn’t been home for 3 years and surprised my family.
I needed to take a breath, focus on the things that had to be done and now, March 2020, I feel like I am breathing normally again and can make this time to update all of you.


4 Year of Australia

So here we are. Year 4 of living in Australia. Gosh what a journey it has been and I am grateful for all of you who have been following me for all this time.
I have been inconsistent, emotional, strong, unsure and happy. You’ve been with me through all that. 2020 is going to be a big year and there will be so much for me to share with you. And I am starting with explaining why I have changed the blogpost category to MINDSET TIPS FOR EVERY DAY

The reason is that I want to inspire more people. I want to share about the biggest, scariest and best decision of my life, but in a way that can help anybody. If it’s moving to a different country or any other dream that you have, I want my story to empower you.

So let’s have a short recap of this story. What got me here?


The story behind this blog

In 2014, after graduating as a Bachelor Accountant I decided that before I started into the big world of working adults, I wanted to see something of the world. Australia in specific. I gifted myself a 4 week adventure to Australia and booked the trip.

10 November 2014 was the date that I left for Sydney. I said by to my family and got on the plane, not knowing my life was about to change forever. I landed in Sydney and had 3 days to myself before I would start my Topdeck tour to travel around and explore. And I remember like it was yesterday. I sat in the garden looking out to the opera house, right next to the harbour bridge and I called my sister. Not knowing what the time was there or what phonebill I would end up with and I cried.

Happy tears and I whispered to her ‘I made it’. And looking back now, that was it. That was the moment I knew that Australia was where I was meant be. 4 weeks later, arriving back to the Netherlands, starting adult life and a new job, I put Australia in the back of my mind a little bit.

‘Maybe it was just the travel rush’

But deep down I knew it was more than just that. 2 years of saving, building work experience, studying and organising I moved to Australia on the 15 of December 2016. And I haven’t regret it for 1 minute.


What is your big dream? What are you wishing of doing? Share it here and I hope to be the inspiration you need to do it


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