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Firstly, yes you read the title correctly. This post is dedicated to all the mums out there. The mums who work, care and help all day, every day. And this is a shout to them to not forget about themselves. So you might as why this subject pops up on my blog? Let me explain.



Why this post?

We see our mums as super heros. They can do anything at any time. But as I grew older I also started to notice that a lot of times that meant that my mum would not do things she likes, because she felt like she couldn’t. Or because, as a lot of them say, is ‘just’ a mum.

I have always tried to support my mum to do what she wants, but habits are hard to break!

And then there are the mums, who share my dream. Moving, emigration and starting over. I have had a few families with the dream to move. And this has something extra to it. You are not just decided for yourself like I did, your decision impacts your little ones too. So how do you go over deciding if you should do what you want? All the answers are below, so keep reading!

Are you not a mum?

I can hear you thinking – I am not a mum, SKIP.

Hold on, come back, this article might still be helpful! I have noticed that I put myself in the ‘mum-position’ when it come to my sister.
Another example could be that you see your friends as your kids in the way that you feel responsible for them and their feelings.

Here is how to put yourself first – let’s read


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Pep Talk: Encouragement for Following Your Dreams as A Mom


Hey Moms! Gather around… there is a serious conversation we that needs to take place here. For starters, how are YOU? What have YOU been up to? As crazy as it sounds, have you ever stopped to think about what happens when people ask you those questions in real life? I know I didn’t until last week or so. When people would ask how I was or what I’ve been up to, I found myself automatically diving into discussion about my family as a unit. Regardless of what I had accomplished, the “You” part of the question was an open invitation for me to talk about my family. Did you realize that that mentality is what’s stopping you from being all YOU can be? I know it sounds extremely selfish because…well, you’re a MOM and WIFE and wear many hats in life but have you forgotten to be and live life for YOU? This is a problem that a lot of moms, particularly first time moms face. Today I am here to give you a little pep talk about how you can unselfishly follow your dreams and ultimate desires as a mom.


You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup


“You can’t pour into your child from an empty cup”, this is a phrase that my sister tells me all the time and you know what, it’s TRUE! I know that I am not the only mom who feels like a robot. I am cleaning, cooking, feeding the baby, changing diapers, picking up toys all day, every day and it is exhausting. As moms, we sometimes feel guilty asking for that moment to ourselves but it’s essential to the efforts of finding YOU! You’re simply not you when you’re exhausted and you’ll never reach your best potential going through life this way. One thing that I have started doing is letting my husband put baby to bed at night. I usually stay up an additional 2-3 hours to do the thing that I like or want to do. This is my time for hobbies, to get work done or relax!


Realize that you’re not JUST a Mom


I just cringe when I hear the statement “I am just a mom”. First, being a mom is such a high honor. It is amazing to have the ability to birth and nourish a small human so we must stop using this statement to degrade ourselves. To accomplish your dreams and desires, you must speak highly of yourself and believe that you are qualified for all that life has to offer you. Second, being a mom should give you MAJOR life experience points towards your aspirations…just saying! Moms are personal chefs, professional maids, house managers, multi-taskers, child psychiatrists, event planners and the list goes on. Do you realize how amazing you are? Take that and run with it!


Dive Head First Into your Desires


Like any other mom, you feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to focus on your own goals. The truth is, going that extra mile and taking the extra time will be so rewarding in the future. If you’re seriously longing to reach your goals, then you must be willing to dive first and give your all. The class you wanted to take…take it! The club you wanted to join…join it! The book you wanted to write…write it! The adventure you wanted to go on…pack the kids up and go for it! The fact is, you will never feel fulfilled if you keep thinking about the things you want and never make the effort to get there. You can do it…I believe in you mama!


Remember Who You Do It For


At the end of the day, if all else fails, remember who you are doing it for. In a child’s eyes mom can do no wrong. If you go after your dreams and wildest desires, you are not taking away from your children. Instead, you are giving them a gift. You are showing them how important it is to never give up on their dreams. Believe it or not, your actions are what they cling to and they will thank you a million times over for this life lesson in the future.



I just want to say a special thank you to Michelle for allowing me to come over and hang out with you guys! As a mum I know that a lot of moms who are looking to pursue things in life may need a little pep talk to get through the tough and disheartening times. I am always happy to help moms find the beauty in pursuit and mompreneurship. Feel free to hop over to The Daily Impressions for more inspiring tips, tricks, story and advice about parenthood. Until next time, happy dream chasing!



And from me a big thanks to Sierra for taking the time to write us this amazing post. I hope it will inspire you to be you and to put yourself first. You deserve it!


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